The number of boys who start to vape at or before the age of 14 has tripled in the U.S.

Young users of e-cigarettes are increasing in the United States. According to a new report, compiled by researchers at the University of Michigan, the number of young people aged 14 years or less who have started using e-cigarettes has tripled in the last five years, a statistic that could be an alarm in relation to the events that have recently seen these objects in the center of the news for the damage that some of them can bring to the respiratory system.

In 2018, 28% of users who “vape” said they had started no more than 14 years, an increase compared to 9% in 2014. According to the author of the study, Rebecca Evans-Polce, a researcher at the School of Nursing of the aforementioned university, one of the reasons behind this increase among very young people is probably the fact that the same electronic cigarettes still do not appear as harmful as normal cigarettes. In addition, the idea that it is easier to quit electronic cigarettes than normal cigarettes is still widespread.

The data remain alarming also because the early use of electronic cigarettes is linked to an increased risk of using normal cigarettes later, as specified in the press release that appeared on the website of the American university itself. In addition, a boy’s exposure to nicotine is more severe because a developing brain can suffer more damage.

The researcher used a data set of 26,662 participants aged between 16 and 17 years.


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